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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Tuesday 1930-06-10

It is early morning as you reach the mainland.  Shortly after you land, another boat, this one with Kima and Natalie on board, arrive.  Kima hands Natalie a bag, wishes her good luck, then leaves again.

You group is now reduced to eight people; Natalie, Victor, Samuel and Samuel, Liza, Thomas, Magdalene Cooper and John Burnham.  Natalie has obviously gotten a few words of advice from Kima, like heading north to a settlement, and try to get transportation to Mangalore from there.

The trek up the coast is not a pleasant one.  You don’t have much food, nor much water, as you were warned not to drink the water from the streams.  But you do, after spending a night under the open sky, reach a small settlement named Chaudi.  Here, you find a Portuguese ship willing to take you to Mangalore.

After a couple of days on board, mostly spent in your cabins to avoid getting in the sailors’ way, you finally reach Mangalore.  Here, John Burnham arranges for hotel rooms for all of you, as well as a bath, clean clothes and dinner, telling you he will seek you out in the morning.