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Sunday 1930-06-08

After a short while, Kima shows up and answers quite a few of your questions.  From what you understand, they sacrifice people to keep the Fire God appeased, but she stated that they only sacrificed willing victims.  She also denied having any knowledge of Molly or any of the other missing people.

According to her, the Fire God had called Sinclair and Keyes, and had somehow caused the shipwreck because of those two.  She also told them that the weather would clear the next day, and that the villagers would then take the shipwrecked to the mainland.

There was a feast that evening, and you were pretty much woken next morning by some screaming and shouting.  As you went to investigate, you learned that Eliza had attacked Tamal, Amo’s son, for some reason, and you were being kicked off the island.

After some persuasion, Amo grudgingly let you have guides and rowers, and after spending a whole day and a night at sea, you finally reach the mainland.

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