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Saturday, 1930-06-07

You talk to Tamal again, and he explains that there will, in fact, be sacrifices. He tells you that his father has a great deal of control over the villagers, and pretty much suggests that the only way you can make certain you won’t be sacrificed, is if you kill him.

As you do not quite trust Tamal, you decide to go talk to Amo, his father. He is not in his hut, however, but Sam Gallagher sneaks into his hut and looks around, and finds some interesting things:

-An idol, much like the statue Eliza found, only this one is bigger, about 6 inches tall, and made from something that looks like solid gold, with gemstones as eyes.

-A knife. The blade is approximately 12 inches long, double-edged, and almost three inches wide. It is flanked by two smaller serrated blades, parallell to the main blade. The handle is made from something that looks like white wood. Gallagher was pretty certain it was made from bone.

-A human skull.

-A small, tarnished silver crucifix

-A diary in Portugese. Gallagher could not understand it, but he did notice a few things, among others, the word ‘sacrifício’, along with the names ‘Sinclair’ and ‘Keyes’.

You also spoke to the professor, who told you that Amo had been asking questions about Sinclair and Keyes, and that he had mentioned some religious event happening tomorrow, possibly with some sort of sacrifice, and that the professor had been invited to come along.

That night, you posted guards in the huts, but nothing happened. You all woke up the next morning.

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