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Friday 1930-06-06
During a lull in the storm (though the rain was still pouring down) you got the chance to look around a bit.  You found the boats, and discovered that they were just canoes, able to carry 2, or maybe 3 people.

That evening, you were invited to a party.  There was plenty of food and drink, and the villagers were friendly.  You met, briefly, Amo, Kima’s father, and ‘an important man in the village’.  He is clearly white, Kima told you he was European, though he spoke English with an accent.

And some of you ended up in huts other than the ones you normally sleep in.

Eliza returned from her little flirt with a small carved wooden statuette.  It is about 4 inches tall.  At first glance, it looks like a tree, but you realise soon enough that those limbs are not roots, but rather legs; twelve legs alltogether, all of them ending in pointed single claws.

From the upper body, another eight limbs protrude, four ending in pointed single claws like the legs, the four others ending in hands with seven fingers.

The face of this idol is a hideous one; most of it is a great maw with dozens and dozens of long, needle-like teeth.  Eight eyes surround the mouth that hangs open, and a tongue sticks out, split like that of a serpent.

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