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Wednesday, 1930-06-04

You were woken up in the middle of the night, and told to go to the lifeboats.  After a horrifying night, you somehow manage to crawl to safety on a rocky shore, and the dark-skinned woman whose name you later learn is Kima leads you to a nearby village.

You are given food and dry clothing and a place to sleep, and the next day, you’re told that as soon as the storms are over, someone will take you to the mainland.

Some of you also notice a man watching you, a dark-skinned, but lighter than the other villagers, is watching you with a slight frown.  Later, a boy is asking you to follow him, and leads you out of the village to meet with this man, who tells you that the villagers practice human sacrifices, and that you are all in danger.

He explains that his father is a priest who has convinced the superstitious villagers that they need to sacrifice humans to their god, and that his sister, Kima, is being trained as his successor.  The ritual will take place in three days.

Tamal then gives you a gun and tells you to meet him in the clearing again in two days.

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